Érin and I are friends. Not just any friends, but friends that talk about deep things – like secrets of the universe, purpose of living, traumas and all the mystical magic in our lives.

I feel like I’ve photographed Érin a fair bit when we hang out and shoot for her blog, but when I looked through my website I realised we haven’t done anything conceptual in a long time.

I took some self-portraits recently that really resonated with Érin. We both understand the idea of representing inner struggle through portraiture and I guess, by turning it into art, also letting go of it.

So we took to Merlin Woods and what unfolded was a spiritual experience. I’d asked Érin to pick a poem or a song or a feeling that represented her at this moment in time and she picked Rhiannon, a song by Fleetwood Mac. We danced on the soft moss to their music and channelled witches that came before us. Érin really went there. I feel like a lot of the times, you just take photos and then sometimes you create art and get lost in the emotion of the moment. This was one of those special occasions.

She is like a cat in the dark and then
She is the darkness
She rules her life like a fine skylark and when
The sky is starless

Taken by
Taken by the sky
Dreams unwind
Love’s a state of mind

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